Thank you for choosing Colorectal Health NW for your colonoscopy. We are proud to report that our doctors exceed national benchmarks for colonoscopy safety and quality. The information provided below is designed to make the preparation for the procedure as straightforward as possible. Whether you are returning to schedule your next colonoscopy with our group or looking to schedule with us for your first time, you may initiate the process by calling our office: (971) 254-9884 or completing the steps electronically.

Returning Patient Instructions for Electronic Scheduling:

  1. If you received a reminder letter from Colorectal Health NW regarding being due for your colonoscopy, follow the instructions in the letter which will direct you to the ezAccess service which permits you to securely return the needed paperwork. Doing so will serve as initiation of the scheduling process. Allow 1-2 weeks for our providers to review your paperwork and place a scheduling order at which point our schedulers will contact you to schedule your procedure. If you have difficulty utilizing the ezAccess program, review the ezAccess instructional video.
  2. If you received a letter but no longer have the letter to reference, you might try following the instructions for new patients below. This will allow you to create an account in the Athena patient portal through which you can send a secure electronic message alerting us to your interest in scheduling a colonoscopy.

New Patient Instructions for Electronic Scheduling:

  1. Register yourself for the Athena patient portal.
  2. Once logged onto the portal you can send your message by clicking the Home option in the upper left and then select Schedule Now on the far right side. Choose Request an Appointment which will take you directly to a message screen. Here you may send us your secure message letting us know of your interest in scheduling a colonoscopy. Please allow up to 3 business days for a staff member to process your request.
  3. You will receive an email alerting you of a new message in your portal from Colorectal Health NW. This message will give you instructions on how to complete your health information and patient agreements paperwork.
  4. Your paperwork will be sent to the provider for review and placement of colonoscopy scheduling order. Our schedulers will call you to select your procedure date and time. Please allow 2 weeks for our schedulers to contact you.

If you have any difficulties activating your Athena portal account or using the ezAccess system to return paperwork, please reference the video links on this page.

Instructional Videos for Registering for Athena Portal and ezAccess

  • Athena portal registration video for New Patient Interested in scheduling first office visit or colonoscopy with Colorectal Health NW
  • ezAccess registration video for Returning Patient who has received a reminder letter that they are due for their next colonoscopy.

Instructional Video for Using ezAccess to Return Paperwork For Patient Who Has Received a Letter to Schedule Colonoscopy

Preparation for Your Colonoscopy:

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