Colonoscopy Quality Indicators

In order for colonoscopy to be a beneficial screening tool in the prevention of colorectal cancer, it must be safe and effective.  For that reason national benchmarks have been established as quality indicators for those performing colonoscopy. We recognize that you have many options for screening colonoscopy and that quality and safety are important to you.

Our Colorectal Health NW doctors exceed national benchmarks for quality colonoscopy!

The table includes all colonoscopies since 2011 and compares our results (Colorectal Health NW) to national benchmarks for complications (bleeding or perforation), completeness (cecal intubation rate) and thoroughness (withdrawal time). 

Updated February 28th, 2020

  Colorectal Health NW National Benchmarks
Colonoscopies 18891 N/A
Perforation Rate .0053% < 0.2%
Post-Polypectomy Bleeding .0423% < 0.1%
Cecal Intubation 99.7671% ≥ 90%
Withdrawal Time (average) 12 minutes ≥ 6 minutes

The chart below reports our adenoma detection rate, the percentage of patients having at least one adenomatous/precancerous polyp identified. This is the standard measure of effectiveness and quality (the higher the better) and represents the last 12 months.

Colonoscopy Quality Indicators Benchmarks

We are proud to have far exceeded these national bench marks for safe, high quality colonoscopy across several facilities in the Portland area.  To arrange a screening colonoscopy, please contact our office to discuss your options.

Our office offers screening colonoscopy without requiring an office visit beforehand.  Click here to find out more information about our Direct Access Colonoscopy.

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